Terms & Conditions of sharyou

1 Read before using the Service sharyou

1.1 How does it work?

With sharyou, you invite people you know to note that you anonymously. This gives you a "sharyou Profile" from advice provided anonymously by your loved ones that you, and only you, contact to ask them to note you by completing your online profile sharyou. Sharyou Your Profile is kept secure so on sharyou service. Where, for professional or personal reasons, a person requests access to your profile sharyou, you can send a sample of your sharyou profile that will give him an idea of your personality.


1.2 Welcome to the sharyou Service

Whether you are a visitor or member of sharyou service, the simple act of browsing the sharyou service implies that (i) you agree to the provisions of Articles 1, "read before using the sharyou service" 2.2 "General Provisions" of these Conditions Terms of Use and (ii) you agree to comply with them without reservation.


1.3 The Service sharyou

  • You want to create a social profile sincere thanks to the scoring and the opinion of people who know you? Create Your Profile sharyou and invite your loved ones to that they say what they think of you.
  • You want to access the social profile of another Member sharyou serivce? Join the sharyou service and ask the member you have chosen to send you an excerpt from his sharyou Profile.
  • To create your profile sharyou or to obtain, if he accepts the sharyou Profile of another Member, you must become a member by registering online on the sharyou service.

1.4 sharyou respects your privacy

sharyou is particularly careful to respect your personal data in strict accordance with the law n ° 78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to data, files and liberties. The detail of the collection policy, treatment and protection of personal data contained in the document "Protection Policy sharyou personal data", accessible by clicking on this link. By accepting these TOS, you unreservedly accept the policy of protection of personal data sharyou, an integral part of the GCU.

1.5 Editor sharyou Service

The sharyou service is an electronic communication service to the public online Midhot edited by SAS - trade name sharyou - n ° 501 558 290 RCS identification Créteil - Headquartered 3 rue Chevilly 94260 Fresnes - represented by the LLC in Parness Innov As President and Director of publication - email: contact@sharyou.com.

1.6 Hosting Service sharyou

Sharyou The service is hosted by OVH SAS - Capital € 10,059,500 uros - identification number RCS Lille Métropole 424 761 419 00045 - Headquarters 2 rue Kellermann - 59100 Roubaix - France. The host of sharyou service acts as a subcontractor sharyou within the meaning of Law No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978, only upon written instruction sharyou and does not have the right to use the personal data of Members sharyou service to which it may have access, except for the enforcement of hosting technical services and management of databases he has contracted with sharyou.

2 Common provisions for visitors and members

2.1 Definitions

2.1.0 The terms in which the first letter is in upper case will, in the text of the Terms of Use, the definition laid down in this Article/h4>

2.1.1 Terms & Conditions or TOS

Means these terms of use sharyou service that are available online constantly on sharyou service from the Account of each Member. The policy of protection of personal data sharyou integral part of the TOS and you must expressly agree to the terms before you can finalize your registration on the sharyou service. Failure of the TOS is likely to cause the consequences referred to in Article 5.7 "Breach of Terms".

2.1.2 Account

Means the display page of sharyou service from which each Member may consult (i) their particular personal data resulting from its registration as a Member of sharyou service and (ii) its sharyou Profile. It is up to each individual Member to communicate information concerning the exact way and update them if necessary.

2.1.3 Guest

Means the people (relatives, family members, friends or professional knowledge, etc.) who are invited by a Member of sharyou service to complement its sharyou Profile.

2.1.4 Member

Means any natural person acting as an individual, which (i) validated its registration as a Member and (ii) previously agreed to these Terms. The membership is compulsory in order to have a Profile and sharyou for a sharyou profile extracted from another Member sharyou service.

2.1.5 Specific Conditions

Means the conditions under which sharyou may offer additional services to Members sharyou service. Specific conditions for an additional service should be accepted without reservation and in advance by each member before receiving the corresponding additional service. Once accepted, the Specific Conditions are deemed incorporated into the Terms accepted by the Member concerned.

2.1.6 sharyou Service

Means (i) the rating service of human qualities and personal skills of the Members of sharyou Service, (ii) the retention by sharyou this data securely and (iii) the right of a Member of sharyou service communicate to a another Member sharyou an excerpt from his profile.

2.1.7 Profile sharyou

Means the social profile (scoring of human qualities and personal skills) drawn from the subjective assessment of your personality by people you authorize to note you. Your Profile sharyou extracts can be communicated to other members of the service sharyou that from two (2) full ratings.

2.1.8 Visitor

Designates the user who visits the sharyou service without owning the membership. sharyou not collect any personal data on visitors. No visitor can access a Profile sharyou.

2.2 General Provisions

2.2.1 Availability of sharyou Service sharyou endeavors to ensure service availability sharyou 24 hours on 24 and 7 days on 7. However, it may happen that access to the service or sharyou sharyou service is interrupted due to operations maintenance, upgrades, hardware or software, emergency repairs sharyou service or by circumstances beyond the control of sharyou (eg in case of failure of the Internet, etc.). sharyou is committed to taking all necessary measures to limit these disruptions insofar as they are attributable. You acknowledge and agree that sharyou assumes no liability to you for any unavailability, suspension or discontinuance of the Service sharyou.

2.2.2 Interruption and suspension of access to sharyou Service

In case of non-compliance by you of any or all of the TOS, you are informed that sharyou reserves the right, at any time and without notice, terminate or suspend, temporarily or permanently, your Account and / sharyou or access to the service. Ccomme it says in Article 5.7 "Breach of Terms".

2.2.3 Intellectual property rights of sharyou sharyou owns all intellectual property rights related to industrial or sharyou service. In your capacity as Visitor or Member of sharyou Service, you agree not to reproduce any of the elements of sharyou Service in any medium, print or electronic. Any contrary use of all or part of sharyou service or any of its elements constitutes an infringement may result in civil and / or criminal penalties against you. sharyou enjoys the protection conferred on the database producer by L.341-1 and following of the Code of intellectual property. Within the strict limits of the exceptions provided by Articles L.342-2 and L.342-3 of the Intellectual Property Code, the total or partial extraction and / or reuse by making available to the public in any form and any medium whatsoever, of any element of sharyou service of one or more Distinctive Signs sharyou, or one or more of the content contained therein, is prohibited without prior written consent of sharyou.

2.2.4 Partial Disability

In the event that any provision of the TOS would come to be held invalid or unenforceable by a court having authority of res judicata and the main become res judicata, the other provisions of the TOS remain in effect.

2.2.5 Notification

Any notice (notice, approval or consent) the transmission or reception is not expressly electronically provided in the Terms and that would be required or necessary under the other provisions of the TOS will be in writing and will be deemed validly given if sent by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the address of sharyou. Unless otherwise specified, the deadlines are counted calendar day. Any period counted from a short notification after the first attempt at delivery. No email notification will be taken into account by sharyou unless these TOU is expressly provided.

2.2.6 Applicable law - competent courts

The Terms and Conditions are subject to French law, both for the rules of form than for substantive rules. ANY DISPUTE WILL SPRING FRENCH TERRITORIAL JURISDICTION OF THE COURT UNDER THE RULES OF COMMON LAW.

3 Join the sharyou Service

3.1 Registration on the sharyou Service

3.1.1 To become a Member of sharyou service, simply create a free account on the Service sharyou by completing the online form for this purpose and accepting the GCU. You can become a Member only after validation of your account under the conditions above.

3.1.2 The personal data you provide to sharyou by becoming a Member of sharyou service are accessed and modified by you at any time in your Account. It is your responsibility alone to update these data, as stated in the "protection sharyou Privacy Policy".

3.2 Passwords Account

3.2.1 When you register for membership, you must choose a password that will allow you, with the login assigned to you (collectively, "Passwords"), to make you identify access sharyou Service and you can access and modify the data in your account.

3.2.2 You are solely responsible for all activities performed from your account under your Passwords. It is your responsibility to ensure strict confidentiality of your Passwords. You must immediately report to sharyou any unauthorized use of your password or prevent Words sharyou if you think any of your Passwords no longer confidential. sharyou reserves the right to require that you change your password if sharyou Words believes that they do not provide adequate security. In case of problems, sharyou reserves the right to suspend, temporarily or permanently, your Account.

3.3 Join over « FaceBook »

You can become a Member of sharyou service via "facebook connect". This service allows you to connect to sharyou in one click via Facebook user data. The information will then have sharyou are the full names of your Facebook account. WARNING: Facebook's terms of use may lead to the use of Facebook data about your registration or your user sharyou service. It is only you verify that you accept this or not reuse of your data by facebook.

4 Acceptance and Evolution of cgu

4.1 Formal Acceptance of Terms

You can not become a member of sharyou service and benefit from sharyou Service after formally accepted online UGC in their latest version.

4.2 Amendment of Terms & Conditions

sharyou reserves the right to modify at any time these Terms, the features offered on the sharyou service or the functioning rules of one or more particular services. sharyou undertakes to inform you in advance of this change by any means at its convenience, and seek again your prior consent to receive new or changed benefits. If you decline the new terms of the TOS, you no longer benefit from the sharyou Service and you will lose your sharyou Profile.

4.3 Consent and Agreement on evidence

4.3.1 The acceptance of the TOS by clicking the accept button brought to you means that:

  • (i) you declare to be of age and sharyou have the ability within the meaning of the 1108 and following of the Civil Code, to validly subscribe to the TOS;
  • (ii) you agree that the proof of your contractual obligations, including your potential credit card payments, can be made by electronic records provided by sharyou or service provider.

4.3.2 In accordance with Article 1369-1 of the Civil Code, you can always access TOS (including from your account) and print them with the functionality you offer your browser.

5 Using sharyou Service

5.1 Invite your relatives to fill your profile sharyou

5.1.1 When Member sharyou service you have in your account with a blank profile sharyou any notation.

5.1.2 From sharyou service you individually invite your relatives, family member, or your friendly professional knowledge, etc. (the "Guests") come complete your profile sharyou.

5.1.3 Each of your guests must pre-register on the sharyou Service to access your profile and complete sharyou.

5.1.4 Each Guest agrees to truthfully fill your profile, positive or negative without exaggeration, in the opinion he has of your personality, meeting the criteria that are offered online and are identical in all Members sharyou service.

5.1.5 In order to ensure the objectivity of the advice of your guests when they meet sharyou your profile, you can not identify by name the guests who noted you. Therefore sharyou your profile will be visible only from two (2) full ratings by two (2) separate guests.

5.2 Fill the sharyou Profile of another Member sharyou Service

5.2.1 When you offer a guest sharyou to note your profile, or when prompted by another Member of sharyou service review it, you go to the page of sharyou Profile Member concerned.

5.2.2 You must meet all of the criteria that are on offer in an honest, sincere and not exaggerated, based on your personal experience with the sharyou Member concerned. Before the review is available online anonymously on sharyou Profile Member who invited you, you must explicitly confirm the recall condition of sincerity review. As such, you warrant that you have not received any compensation or benefit, financial or otherwise, to fill the sharyou profile and you agree that you think reflects your own mind without purpose other than to reflect the reality of your personal perception of the personality of sharyou Member who invited you.

5.2.3 You can also make a brief comment on the Member sharyou you just noted. Your comment will appear on the sharyou Member Profile that you write completely anonymously, without reference date or time, among other comments posted by other members of the department who note sharyou Profile sharyou the same Member. ATTENTION, your comments (even anonymously), like all the messages you post on our discussion forums are likely to be moderate in terms of Article 5.5 "Comment Moderation". Only sharyou is able to determine the Member would have posted a comment sharyou requiring moderation, thereby exposing the Member concerned with the consequences set out in section 5.7 "Breach of Terms".

5.2.4 You can review only once about the same Member. sharyou established technical devices for detecting a Guest that would give several opinions about the same User, or opinions that would be completed via software robot. Each Member which would be identified as making the drafting of opinions in breach of the provisions of this Article may see his account suspended, temporarily or permanently, and his account deleted.

5.2.5 sharyou also reserves the right to remove any rating or comment that would seem clearly fanciful or unusual, or contrary to the spirit of the sharyou community, as stated in Article 5.5.2.

5.3 Send an excerpt from your Profile sharyou

5.3.1 If you want to give access to your profile sharyou, you must receive a request to do so from another Member sharyou. You can then select from the fields in your profile sharyou such as seniority and / or the nature of relationships (professional, friendly, loving, etc.) you want to speak to the man or woman of sharyou Members fact you demand.

5.3.2 For reasons of protection of your private and social life, it is not possible to open access your profile sharyou to a person who is not a member of sharyou service or to send all Your Profile sharyou to anyone. You can only send a partial extraction sharyou your profile using the criteria discussed above (professional, friendly, in love, etc.).

5.3.3 Sending your profile excerpt is anonymous and dated. Only the recipient knows it is the extract of your profile as sharyou receives in response to its request. In this way the recipient of your Profit sharyou can not transmit or disclose a profile in which appears the name of any Member of sharyou service or any personal data about the sharyou Member.

5.4 Using an extract of sharyou received Profile

5.4.1 The recipient of an extract of sharyou Profile undertakes to make strictly personal use, to form an opinion on the general social profile of the Member which sent him a sample of his sharyou Profile. The recipient of a profile that was addressed to him is forbidden to publicly disclose the receipt Profile (transmission on a social network, by email, publishing on a website, discussion forum, etc.) that the Profile and or message accompanying or not associated with an individual directly or indirectly identifiable or named by the addressee. Only sharyou is able to trace the origin of the profile extracted and accordingly determine the Member which did not respect the rules.

5.4.2 It is for each Member Service sharyou receiving extract sharyou Profile to make a personal assessment, necessarily subjective, on the nature and extent of the social qualities of the Member which he addresses his sharyou Profile. The extract from the profile sharyou received can in no way replace the personal opinion that the recipient may make the person from whom he receives the extract sharyou profile, which can not be used as evidence or the existence (or absence), nor of the real substance of this or that social quality of sharyou Member from which it receives the extract from the profile.

5.4.3 The Service sharyou can not be regarded as an objective description of the personality of the Member whose sharyou Profile of the extract is received, to the extent the sharyou Profile is the result of the rating performed by several different people and does not reflect that the compilation of highly subjective data and may change over time, acknowledges and agrees that any Member of sharyou service whether the person whose face profile on sharyou service or a Member who accesses the profile of another Member.

5.4.4 Reading and analysis of the extract of a sharyou Profile does not replace a personal assessment of the social qualities of a person, that only common sense and direct and prolonged contact possible to establish between human persons. sharyou remind you that Article 10 of the law "and Freedoms" n ° 78-17 of 6 January 1978 provides that "No other decision producing legal effects in respect of a person may be taken on the sole basis of automated processing of data intended to define the person's profile or to assess some aspects of his personality."

5.5 Moderating comments

5.5.1 sharyou reserves the right to delete comments written by guests and their discussion forums posts content to "clearly" or "potentially" illegal, whatever the medium (photography, drawing, video, text , voice, without this list is not exhaustive) and such but are not limited to:

  • (i) any message infringing or threatening to infringe the privacy of the privacy or respectability of social life, honor, consideration or reputation, dignity of the person or imputing feelings, the reality is not proven;
  • (ii) any messages that are obscene, hateful, abusive, vulgar, degrading, offensive, shocking, mocking, polemical, defamatory or harmful, threatening, abusive, sexist, etc. ;
  • (iii) any message containing direct or indirect personal data or personal information (address, phone, email, data on the health, tax situation, etc.) ;
  • (iv) any message contrary to public order or morality or sexual, pornographic or pedophile ;
  • (v) any messages that glorify crime or offense whatsoever or directly or indirectly inciting suicide ;
  • any messages inciting discrimination, hatred or violence against a person or group of persons because of their gender or origin, or their membership or non membership of an ethnic group, nation, race or religion or political opinion, or determined by its nature likely to undermine equality between men and women.
  • (vi) any message inciting to commit acts of computer hacking (intrusion or maintained in an automated data processing system, etc.) or circumvention of technical measures of protection or information on intellectual property rights ;
  • (vii) any message containing a hyperlink to other sites whose content is likely to breach any laws and regulations ;
  • (viii) any message inciting illicit substances or subject to specific regulations, such as tobacco, alcohol or drugs ;
  • (ix) any message containing statements made in a foreign language whose meaning can not be understood easily and suggesting that they contravene the regulations ;
  • (x) any messages of an advertising nature or using a trademark well known to the general public.

5.5.2 sharyou reserves the right to remove comments or the forums any message contrary to the spirit of sharyou community, such as but not limited to, stating positions or opinion political or religious, and generally abusive messages, excessive, moved, etc.

5.5.3 If a member would line a message (i) content "clearly" or "potentially" illegal or (ii) contrary to the spirit of sharyou community sharyou reserves the right to remove this message and / or suspend the author's account of the offending message, either temporarily or permanently.

5.6 Notification to sharyou potentially or obviously illegal messages

5.6.1 In accordance with Article 6 of Law No. 2004-575 of 21 June 2004 on Confidence in the Digital Economy (LCEN) sharyou is not subject to a general obligation to monitor the information it transmits or stores on sharyou service nor a general obligation to seek facts or circumstances indicating illegal activity or messages.

5.6.2 sharyou reminded Members of its service sharyou criminal liability shall be incurred in respect of information stored at the request of a recipient of these services if she did not have actual knowledge of the activity or information illegal or, from the moment she became aware she acted expeditiously to remove this message or make access impossible.

5.6.3 Accordingly, in addition subsequent control exercised by sharyou directly on feedback from a rating given to a sharyou profile or in a message posted by a Member on the Service sharyou forums, sharyou undertakes, from that she will be informed in writing, promptly check the character "clearly" or "potentially" unlawful, or contrary to the spirit of the sharyou community, the message brought to his attention, and take any consequences due to the nature of this message, reserving the right including but not limited to, delete the message concerned, to prohibit use of the Service to the Member concerned, to institute any legal proceedings against the Member of sharyou Service who posted the message or the offending comments, etc.

5.6.4 If you encounter a message that you think "clearly" or "potentially" illegal, report it to the address abuse@sharyou.com.

5.7 Breach of Terms

In case sharyou would be able to determine that a Member of sharyou service violates strict conditions Terms of Service sharyou (eg comments sharyou requiring moderation, communication to third parties of a profile which it was sent by another Member, etc.), sharyou reserves the right to suspend the account of the Member concerned sharyou, temporarily or permanently, as well as its access to sharyou service on simple notification by email to the email address communicated by the Member concerned to sharyou when creating his account.

6 Responsibility sharyou

6.1 sharyou assumes the direct and immediate financial consequences of liability for direct and predictable damage caused by its bad total or partial execution of sharyou Service.

6.2 sharyou is not responsible for the financial consequences resulting from indirect or unpredictable damage caused by its bad or partial execution of sharyou Service.

6.3 sharyou reminds that each Member sharyou IS NOT RESPONSIBLE DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY sharyou Profile of the outcome of any of the Members, which sharyou has no access and on which sharyou can not influence in any way.